Frequently asked question

How does thepluto work?

Pluto Protocol is a distributed data exchange block chain with special purpose. Data written to the Pluto chain is divided into open data that is transparent, and private data that is not exposedexternally. Open data is made up of sensitive,personalizedinformation that is used to give you experience in the exchange, review, and alignment of professionalorganizations.Pluto Coin automaticallydonates 10 % of its fees to the foundation when it's transmitted.General users may vote on the use of funds collected dependingon their acquired portion of Pluto coins.

What does thepluto do?

The problem with humanity requires a democratic and encryptedPluto Protocol. The Pluto Protocols utilize encrypteddata and a token model with a block chain model to solve the problem of storing basic data. It motivates the protocolto control the data and exchange applicationsat the same time. It is a perfect way to ensure that all of the institutional and user requirementsare met. The organizationhas complete control and sharing of its data, and the user can contributeto human developmentby exchangingdata.

What sectors will Pluto focus on?

Starvation - About 870 million people around the world are malnourished. Refugees - As of 2015, the number of forced immigrant refugees continues to rise, reaching 65.3 million by the end of 2015. AIDS Orphan - Usually, the orphan has no parents to be taken care of Using child labor -73 million, work with dangerous child labor.

Where is the company based?

Our head office is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Our cooperating offices are located in over 50 countries worldwide.

What is The Pluto Alliance?

Union is the biggest contributor to the sharing of work experience. For instance, UNICEF and the World Food Organization can work on projects together, or they can carry out certain ticketing projects using one manual. All of this is possible within the Pluto Alliance

What can Pluto do alongside them?

Reveal data - The transparent disclosure and sharing of information that some agencies own, and the transparency and accountability of their operations, can be increased. Protecting sensitive personal information - Pluto can encrypt this sensitive personal information to process. Sharing work experience - Pluto protocol allows each of these international organizations to share their work experiences, making them more efficient.

What is the GPPT?

The Pluto protocol will initially be released as the EthereumERC 20 coin. Following the roadmap you will create the Pluto Block chain after Main net. Pluto's Proof-of-stakeis a method to protect the network by proving to the user a certain amount of ownership. Each Pluto POS block reward is divided into 10 divisions, 9 of which are stake mining rewards, one of which is donatedto the Pluto Foundation. Therefore,the user can automaticallyparticipate in the donationby sending a coin only. We think the most perfect chain on the market is the Ethereum block chain. And that's the perfect way to go. They're constantlydevelopingbetter with the best technologies. We plan to deploy Pluto chain using these dollar-block chains. The technology for implementing the Pluto protocol has already been proven by this. The most important element of the Pluto projectis its value orientation.